Passion and Purity is a registered non-profit organization and charity, geared towards the training and development of individuals, particularly our youth and children. The movement, with its motto: “Finding your Passion – Embracing your Purity,” is a socializing tool aimed at helping to focus the minds of the youth to the ideals of being passionate about their ambitions while embracing their purity and childhood innocence. Passion and Purity embraces Godly principles, values and integrity and encourages a spirit of excellence in
order to fulfill its mandate. We believe youth should be developed in all areas – spiritual, physical,
emotional, social and intellectual. We offer help for them to identify and resist those things that are meant
to sap their creative energies and prevent them from fulfilling their purpose in life.

Finding your Passion, Embracing your Purity
Theme Text
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in speech, life, love, faith and in purity…. Do not neglect your gift." 1Timothy 4:12 (NIV)
Core Values
Purity, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence, Teamwork and Godliness.
Passion and Purity exists to help youth and children discover and creatively express their God given passion with purity of motive, thought and action; by embracing Godly Principles presented in a variety of ways and contexts. This is done by staging empowerment seminars, conferences, workshops, camps, retreats, rallies, radio and television talk shows, concerts, hosting mentorship, discipleship, leadership training and social outreach programmes, along with other activities, in the context of the church, school, community and media.
  • Removing the “I don’t know what I want to become” syndrome.
  • Recognising that my talents and abilities are UNIQUE gifts from God.
  • Recognising that I must be a good student, an agent of change, a positive contributor to society and a nation builderthrough my UNIQUE attributes.


  • Destroying the myth that sex is mandatory for teenagers.
  • Reversing the violence, drugs and sex culture we have created.
  • Showing that purity of thoughts, motives and action releases creative abilities.
  • Recognising that being passionately pure does not destroy one’s social image.
  • Being passionately pure actually makes you a trendsetter.