Andrew and Donnette Norman are the Founders and Presidents of Passion and Purity. They are eternally grateful to God for the life and work of Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, whose life experiences and work have helped to inspire this Passion and Purity.

The Movement was officially launched in Jamaica during the 2008-2009 school year, with a Girls’ Conference at the host school, Wolmer’s Girls’ School. During that same year, Passion and Purity hosted a Boys’ Conference at Jamaica College, a Co-ed Conference at Manchester High School and the Children’s Conference at Wolmer’s Preparatory School under the theme “I Am a Promise.” Aspects of the Passion and Purity program are integrated in the host school’s curriculum.

Passion and Purity has since had major conferences that were hosted by several High Schools across Jamaica including: Manchester High School, Ardenne High School, St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School, Calabar High School, the Titchfield and Port Antonio High Schools, Merl Grove High School, Wolmer’s Boys’ School, St. George’s College, Knox College, St Catherine High School, Jamaica College, Maggotty High School and the Pembroke Hall High School,   We have also had numerous church events across the island.

Much credit is to be given to several persons and organizations such as: Host Principal, Mrs. Colleen Montague of the Wolmer’s High School for Girls; Mrs. Olecia Wedderburn- Christie; the Late Bishop Rennie Lyn Williams; Inter-School’s Christian Fellowship; Christian Teachers In Action and many churches across Jamaica, including some of our main host churches: Bible Teachers International, Church of God of Prophecy and First Assembly of God Mandeville. Special thanks to our advisors, many partners/endorsers, our sponsors and to our very hardworking and dedicated committee members. All mentioned are to be highly commended for the tremendous work done in the launching of Passion and Purity in Jamaica.