Passion and Purity Children’s Chapter is aimed at helping our children to know that they can be
all that God wants them to be. This is in keeping with our mandate to help students to find their
Passion and embrace Purity through the Christian values we communicate. This is done in a
variety of ways such as hosting: conferences, empowerment seminars, rallies, workshops, and
radio and television talk shows, concerts, along with many other activities in the context of the church,
school and media.

  • God made me special and I can be anything He wants me to be.
  • My talents and abilities are UNIQUE gifts from God.
  • I can find my talents that will help me to maximize my potential.
  • I recognize that I must be a good and positive student, and also a positive role model.
  • My body is God’s property.
  • I must embrace purity of thoughts, motives and action to help me to fulfill my purpose.
  • I can make a positive difference.