“Christian Teachers in Action” (CTIA) is a prayer, equipping and fellowship collaborative

movement institution in Jamaica The Movement is aimed at having our teachers foster a

wholesome relationship among each other, share creative ideas, be equipped for service and

corporately invoke God for divine intervention in our schools, colleges, and churches across

this nation. This is to the end that our creative energies and those of whom we are called to

serve be released, to the glory of God.


The movement also seeks to address the educational, moral and spiritual problems being faced

by institutions of learning in Jamaica and the World. Christian Teachers In Action is in

conjunction  with the SCFSU -ISCF/UCCF (Interschool Christian Fellowship Movement)

President: Mrs. Donnette Norman, Vice President: Mrs Clover Flowers.

Email: christianteachersinaction@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.christianteachersinaction.org/

Please visit our Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/christianteachersinaction/


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